Communications and Media

You want to select popular lyrics no older than 5 years for this assignment uf you dont listen to popular music, you can use such sites like the billbord top 100 to secure lyrics from popular songs.

Analyze lyrics to a contemporary song of your choice to better understand the relationship between language and cultural values. You will examine your selected lyrics as a relic or an artifact, much like an anthropologist might handle the remains of a civilization discovered at an archeology dig. You want to select popular lyrics no older than 5 years for this assignment Uf you dont listen to popular music, you can use such sites like the billbord Top 100 to secure lyrics from popular songs.
You will write a seven-paragraph analysis in essay format thagt addresses the following aspects of your selected song lyrics (see screenshots)


Do not copy the abstract.

please use this website as a brief summary of the paperr to understand :
also to go in depth of what its about see the pdf :
Write a summary of it in no fewer than 250 words, concisely and clearly written. Your summary should include the following:
A full citation for the paper in Chicago Author-Date styleLinks to an external site., which is the preferred style for the American Economic Review.
A statement of the research question posed in the article. Do not copy the research question if it appears in the article. You should paraphrase the author’s research question (in your own words).
A brief motivation of why this is an interesting/important question. This means explaining why this is a research question worth addressing, not only to other economists, but to individuals and/or institutions in general (the government, private business, etc.)
A brief summary of how the paper goes about answering the question. Do not copy the abstract. Use your own words. Make sure to cite the pages, throughout the paper, on which you are basing your summary.
The implications of the author’s results for policy makers and/or the general public.

Social Work

Katzman, e. (2020).

The first three weeks of the course focus on positionality, critical reflexivity, standpoint and intersectionality. You have had the opportunity to read and to discuss a variety of first-person perspectives on various forms of engagement with health and social care. Now, it’s your turn to explore and practice communicating your own personal narrative. To help guide your reflection, consider the following questions: Why were you interested in taking this course? How do you understand yourself in relation to health and social care (i.e. as a client/consumer, an aspiring professional, etc.)? How does your membership in different social groups or categories shape your experiences and/or understanding of disability and health? How does it feel to reflect, or even to be asked to reflect, on your embodied positionality?
Although this is a reflection, remember that each course assignment provides you opportunities to communicate what you are learning in the course. It will probably make sense to adopt a first-person voice for your reflection. As you craft your reflection, notice the difference between “I am” versus “I think” or “I believe”. There is no need to back up “I am” statements with evidence, however it is important to explain why you “think” or “believe”. Support discussion of what or why you “think” or “believe” with reference to course readings, including at least one (1) article and at least three (3) web or textbook readings. All references should be properly cited.
–>I work as a personal support worker so we can relate some of the stuff within the slides/reading I share with you!
1. Burghardt, M. et al. (2021). Coming to critical disability studies: Critical reflections on disability in health and social work professions. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 10(1).
2. Katzman, E. (2020). Exhausted? Slow down and listen (to disabled wisdom). Blog: Federation for the Social Sciences and Humanities.
3. Katzman, E. (2015). Embodied reflexivity: Knowledge and the body in professional practice. In B. Green, N. Hopwood (eds.), The Body in Professional Practice, Learning and Education, Professional and Practice-based Learning (14. Mahipaul, S. & Katzman, E. (2020).What Does it Mean to Be “Productive”? A Conversation Between Disability Allies. Blog: National Centre for Institutional Diversity.


What are your opinions about how to energize the healthy people goals among providers and the american public?

Write a 100 worded essay response. In your response, include at least two research articles outside the book. You may search articles on PubMed or Google Sholar
Every 10 years, the public health sector creates an elaborate set of targets for health status improvements in the United States. Healthy People 2010 failed to meet 85 percent of Healthy People 2000’s goals. Healthy People 2020 includes even more goals. Is there merit to this effort or are these simply academic exercises? What are your opinions about how to energize the Healthy People goals among providers and the American public?
Describe how the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) will change the way CMS reimburses physicians and hospitals for their services.
Highlight at least two key similarities and differences between MIPS and APMs. (You may research this topic outside web articles or published articles).
Reflect on medical education’s skewed emphasis on curative rather than preventive care- two sources but summarize them in your own words


Summarize each opinion offered in the articles as it relates to the role or actions of government.

Assignment Directions: Find three “qualified” opinions on what we should do or not do in order to improve green energy efficiency in Texas. The opinions should offer substantive comment on what government should do or not do. A qualified opinion is one that is offered by someone who has a level of expertise in the topic.
To complete the assignment, find your opinion sources, read them, answer the questions below.
1. List your opinion articles below by title, source, link, and in APA format.
2. Summarize each opinion offered in the articles as it relates to the role or actions of government.
3. How do the opinions impact your view of the topic and what is your opinion on what the government should or should not do related to your topic?

Scholarship Writing

Please elaborate and do your best.


Medicine and Health

Upload the word to your team discussion board titled by lastname_sdoh

you are tasked with investigating the impact of social determinants of health on a specific health-related topic chosen by your team. You are to conduct an individual library search for information, articles, and materials relevant to that topic. (The intent is for you to practice your research skills using the FIU Library Resources) Each student will contribute their individual research and the team will then integrate the findings into a more comprehensive literature review.
Individually, you will write a short paper (1-2 pages, exclusive of references which are a separate page) that summarizes relevant articles into a mini-literature review. Find at least 3 sources on the specific focus (determined by your group) in relation to the Social Determinants of Health.
Write a mini review that summarizes your “findings”. Read the articles and summarize, in your own words, the key points from each of your resources. For each article/resource, you may also want to comment its relevance as well as its commonalities and differences with other articles in your chosen set.
Post a brief description of your efforts in the discussion Board that lets your team members know what to expect when they read your attached WORD document.
Attach a WORD Document (not PDF, etc.) that provides your mini review with citations and references. Upload the Word to YOUR Team Discussion Board titled by LASTNAME_SDOH


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9. complete test


Analyze author’s argument

500-700 words a rhetorical analysis of op-ed style essay
identify author’s rhetorical appeals/choices
examine the rhetorical context, including racial, social, gender, and power dynamics
identify audience and purpose
analyze author’s argument
read chapter 1 of race a philosophical introduction by paul c taylor
Divide the piece into sections, such as
the topic of the paper;
quality of the source/author credibility (Ethos);
the way that author uses emotional appeal and whether that is acceptable (Pathos);
the position that author rejects, author’s main thesis and reasons (premises) to support the thesis (Logos).
Assess the strength of the argument: do you agree or disagree with the author, and why? Did you find the author’s argumentative approach and style effective or not, and why?

Business and Management

Pestel analysis

Submit a rough publish of your International Business Proposal. Make sure you are using the provided Business Proposal Template document. You will be submitting the sections of your International Business Proposal you have been working on to date in weeks 1-4.
Country selection
At this point you need to review your SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis to determine which of your two countries is the best match for your business and products/services. You need to discuss this in your Locations section. You may also need to edit your Introduction to properly reflect your final country selection.
International Business Proposal – publish
Your rough publish should be properly formatted using APA and should cover and include the following:
Cover Page
Description of business, product or service
Business Model
Including a map with neighboring countries, main cities, ports, roads etc. would be a good idea . If it is large, add it as an Appendix and refer to it in this section. See Purdue Owl for how to create an Appendix in your paper.
Global Road Warrior gives you an option to download coutry maps as Pdfs. This would make a great Appendix file
Sample map from Global Road Warrior. Same map as a Pdf.
Remember to research your competition already present in the country. Consider using the Company Research tools in the Library tab
SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Analysis
Cultural Issues
Your strategy for communicating globally and cross culturally
Impact local customs and cultural differences will have your business and the
Implications for your proposed business and possible solutions
Global Road Warrior and GoinGlobal databases (accessible through the Library Resources tab) have be helpful with this
Risks and Contingencies
Social and Sustainability issues
Interdependencies and how your proposed business will take advantage of them
Ethical issues your proposed business may face and possible solutions